Day 3: Pier 39

It was raining the whole day today. I wished for a sunshine in the sky, but guess it didn’t come true (at all). In the down town, the wind was very strong, as well – which made everything worse. Not even an umbrella to cover myself and my camera! But the rain didn’t matter; we made our way to Pier 39 anyways. Didn’t wanted to waste our day San Francisco!

We took the bus #8, going uphill through Chinatown and downwards towards the bay area. Right when I stepped off from the bus, the smell of salt in the air was tickling in my nose. Ahhh, I missed that smell I used to live nearby the bay for a long time, so seeing and feeling it again brought me back many memories from my childhood. There were yachts and boats floating weightless on the sea, pigeons and seagulls flying in the cloudy sky, and most of all, seals were chilling on the deck! It was amazing to see them in their natural habitat!

We also went around the old Jeremiah O’Brien cargo ship. It was active during the World War II, and led succession in many of the missions during the war. The ship was so big that it didn’t feel like it was on the ocean. Waves didn’t even nudge it. The interior and the rooms, as well as the machinery was very cool to see. But I also have to say that the scenery from the ship was spectacular too! You can see the Alcatraz Island, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the entire hill of San Francisco with unique architectures!

Towards the end, the weather got worse, and we had to go back to our hostel. If it wasn’t for the rain, we were planning to go to Coit Tower to enjoy more scenery – but, we can’t go against mother nature. We’ll save it for the next time. 😉