Day 5: Sea World

Hello to sunshine in San Diego! We have traveled down south to San Diego, and have enjoyed the warm winter today. Seriously, it is so warm here compared to Columbus, OH. I only wore a long sleeve shirt and a hoodie, and I was perfectly fine for the entire day (except the evening was a bit chilly). And no, it isn’t the weather that screwed up my head. I decided to skip to Day 5 from Day 3, because Day 4 was spent only for traveling and relaxing (….and I didn’t take any photographs that day…). Just a side note.

Today was the day to enjoy at our fullest. Home works, projects, internships, portfolio…all the words that hovers around our mind everyday were flushed out. In other words, a stress-free day! We chose Sea World as a place to do so; one, because we do miss seeing sea animals, and two, because, who doesn’t want to go to Sea World? When we arrived at Sea World, my excitement level reached its maximum – I haven’t gone to aquarium or sea animal park in years! It’s always different to see them with your own eyes than to see them through a laptop or tv screen.

I was enjoying today so much, that I almost forgot to take photographs. I was especially in constant awe with the killer whale (or Shaun) show. They are so huge, yet they move so swiftly and lightly in the water! Plus, with the amount of water they are able to splash onto the audience, it seems unbelievable that their thin tail can do it.

The emphasis on sea animal rescues conducted by many of the Sea World staffs was one fact I learned about Sea World today. I thought it was solely a theme park where sea animals are presented with some attractions to ride on. Turns out that Sea World has been rescuing many injured animals, as well as babies, and help them with rehabilitation process. At the end of the treatment, they are returned to their home in the sea. Their video, which played before the killer whale show, was full of this information. I appreciated their decision to do so; I think a lot more people should know about this. It’s their way of giving back to the Earth.

Being on a backpacker trip, we had to take two buses in order to get there. Of course, bus stops slows the speed down, so it took total of 1 hour just to get there. I didn’t think it was too bad though; the scenes passing through the bus window are always enjoyable, and tells me a lot about the local lifestyle in that region. One particular feature I noticed so far in San Diego is how low the buildings are. On top of that, the streets seem more friendly than it is in the East. I’m not sure why, but somehow it feels comfortable to walk around in empty street. I need to investigate into that.


Day 3: Pier 39

It was raining the whole day today. I wished for a sunshine in the sky, but guess it didn’t come true (at all). In the down town, the wind was very strong, as well – which made everything worse. Not even an umbrella to cover myself and my camera! But the rain didn’t matter; we made our way to Pier 39 anyways. Didn’t wanted to waste our day San Francisco!

We took the bus #8, going uphill through Chinatown and downwards towards the bay area. Right when I stepped off from the bus, the smell of salt in the air was tickling in my nose. Ahhh, I missed that smell I used to live nearby the bay for a long time, so seeing and feeling it again brought me back many memories from my childhood. There were yachts and boats floating weightless on the sea, pigeons and seagulls flying in the cloudy sky, and most of all, seals were chilling on the deck! It was amazing to see them in their natural habitat!

We also went around the old Jeremiah O’Brien cargo ship. It was active during the World War II, and led succession in many of the missions during the war. The ship was so big that it didn’t feel like it was on the ocean. Waves didn’t even nudge it. The interior and the rooms, as well as the machinery was very cool to see. But I also have to say that the scenery from the ship was spectacular too! You can see the Alcatraz Island, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the entire hill of San Francisco with unique architectures!

Towards the end, the weather got worse, and we had to go back to our hostel. If it wasn’t for the rain, we were planning to go to Coit Tower to enjoy more scenery – but, we can’t go against mother nature. We’ll save it for the next time. 😉