4/14 Progress Post

For this week, I polished my powerpoint for the final presentation next next week. Most of the content is the same as the mid-point presentation; the what, why, how, and the process. I’m emphasizing the why part more by adding synonyms of addiction, and making sure to come back to that core idea over and over again throughout. Disgustingl beautiful is another key word I noted to myself to use more often. I made other improvements, such as putting process shots (especially when coating sugar on hand), and couple best ones from each category to analyze the visual impact in depth.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 1.23.33 AM

I also asked couple more people about the best photograph from the series, and they all pointed to the one Julie and I felt confident with. The roll printer was acting up weirdly this week, so I was unable to print as I planned. However, I will print this weekend to see how it will look. All I need for the exhibition are small magnets and nails to hold the print up on the wall. It isn’t going to be framed.


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