One on One Reflection

Last Friday was the very last one on one reflection with my mentor, Julie. It always feels like there isn’t enough time to finish a project. Maybe it’s the other way around, and a project is just never-ending. Sugar High seems to fit both cases. It is the longest project I ever worked on throughout my college, and it almost became my habit to shoot sugar-coated hands every week. But I do want to put an end (perhaps a pause?) before I leave college. For me, the Honors Capstone exhibition is the perfect opportunity to do so. Showcasing Sugar High can’t be more satisfying and pleasurable than letting the photographs sleep inside cold hard drive forever.

The space in the gallery is limited, and each student only has one piece of wall. Rather than making a triptych or a diptych, I decided to print 24″x 36″ print of an absolute best sugar image that I made this semester. I want the viewer to be immersed and integrated into the sugary texture growing out of the palm through the intimidating size.


I chose and printed best photographs from each category I shot (white sugar, cookies, chocolate, gummy bear, Jolly Rancher, Twinkies and sugar sprinkles), and discussed with Julie which one was the best of all. is what we concluded as!


I just love how the texture is reminiscent of digestive system (like acid in stomach), yet still retains its aesthetic through the color. And this precisely is the character of the sugar I’m portraying; its seductive nature is deceiving. I can’t wait to see them printed huge!

I also shot couple more chocolate in case I was in short of selection, which appeared to be the complete opposite (I had so many to choose from!). These definitely felt weaker than the other series and needs work, but nevertheless a great exercise to keep my creative mind flowing. So, here they are;


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