3/31 Progress Post

For this week, I was editing down the photographs the most of the time. While doing so, I also realized that I never went back to edit the Twinkies series. I shot them the week before the presentation and sort of forgotten about it since then. So, I decided to take some time to examine Twinkies series, and see if it is worth including in the project. Here are the better shots I found:

As you can see from the photographs, I simply placed pieces of Twinkies in various shape. The first couple ones only consist of Twinkies. I think the Twinkies’ pastry part plays nice long the skin color, and the cream creates an interesting texture that is inviting to eat. At the same time though, the cake part stands out too much from the skin. Many other series appear as if the sugary product is embedded in the skin (or rather melting into the skin, becoming part of it). Here, I don’t feel like the Twinkies are cooperating to achieve that image. Even in the ones with colored sprinkles, it just doesn’t have that kind of luminosity that others sugary products has.

So maybe I can move on from Twinkies, and experiment more with the colored sprinkles. At least that way, the colors are going to stay much more consistent with the bright rainbow colors from other products. Wetting the sprinkles might also help to achieve the digestive system look that the jolly rancher has. Or…should I just jump on to M&M’s/Skittles? I’m nearly running out of time for the last shoot, so I might as well begin working on those two.

Also, printed postcard size photographs are going to have to happen next week. And it will.


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