Mid-Point Presentation Reflection

Last week was a mid-point presentation, and I got a lot of helpful feedbacks after my presentation. Here are things that need more tweaks and things that should stay as it is.

One of the important aspects of the presentation I have to work on is clearing the language. The inclusion of basic information and personal experiences were good supplement to the content, but the focus on sugar addiction got lost towards the end. I focused too much on the process and eventually furthered away from the topic of the project. This made some people confused, especially on the way my photographs relate to addiction. So, what I need to do is to just simply bring back the content while I talk about the process. Color and lighting could also tie back to sugar too. It’s the moment of indulgence and pleasure you gain while you consume unhealthy food.

Another key feedback I received was about the photographs. Pasting sugary food on top of the skin works, and many people responded positively on photographs that had an even exposure of the skin and the sugary food. There were also favors towards bright and colorful ones (e.g. jolly rancher and refined sugar), especially since it resonates with playful look that sugar has. Because of this, I have to be careful with sweets that are monochromatic and darker (e.g. chocolate). Overall, the disgustingly beautiful aesthetic is evident throughout the photographs, and I need to make sure this is continued throughout.

And speaking on continuation, I realized I need help with editing. Some of the photographs I put out was not necessary the ones I thought it was good, but it had a lot of great positive responses. After the presentation, I recognized those photographs’ potentiality more. What I should do early in April is to print out small-sized photographs and ask people around for help narrowing down the best of best. I also need to document a lot more to show the process.



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