3/17 Progress Post

With all the feedbacks and reflections from last week, I decided to wrap up gummy bear section of the project. The past experiments with gummy bear didn’t quite fit in with others. Chopped up gummy bears felt too separated from the skin, but I liked the curves of the gummy parts that were still recognizable. On the other hand, the melted ones had an interesting texture that sort of resonated with digestive acid. Despite that, the colors were too vibrant on its own (especially the red and orange). This time, I mixed these two up to see whether it can balance the textures.

Since melted gummy bears dry pretty quickly, I melted all analogous colors (red, orange and yellow) together. I also melted purple ones right after in a separate batch so that it doesn’t make the reds darker. Here are the photographs:

I do like these much, much better than the previous gummy bears. The way the melted gummy bears stream across the skin pretty much sums up the repulsive part, but the those still in shape relfects off highlights that illuminates its texture. The only thing that is bothering me is the vibrancy of the melted orange gummy bears. I might include more purple or just melt orange and yellow to lessen its intensity.

Meanwhile, after I get back from spring break, I plan to print out some photographs to determine which is actually the best or not.


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