One on One Reflection

It’s always good to have feedbacks from other people when you’ve looked at the same thing for the longest time. So far, I’m heading into the right direction and is also on track with time. Let’s keep it up till the end of the semester!

Couple things to note for the sour candy series though. I need to be aware of color in the composition. In particular, the red sour candy is so vibrant compared to others. It’s just very loud and overwhelming when placed next to other colors. Julie pointed this out and I do agree a lot. Since I can lay out the sour candy by my hand, perhaps putting the analogous colors – orange, yellow, green, and white – first and then adding red and purple might help compositionally.

Another thing to remember is keeping balance between the skin exposure and the sour candy (or gummy bear in the next week). Too much candy on the hand changes the subject of the photograph. The hand is completely hidden and only candies are seen. On the other hand, too less candy and too much skin rather loose interest in relation between dominant and sub-dominant structure of the photograph. This will be hard to tackle at one try. I just have to keep shooting variations till I get to the ‘one’.

Here are two photographs we all thought was the most successful in the sour candy/gummy bear series:

By the way, I shot couple more shots with sour candy and newer shots of gummy bear. I might as well put them here before I begin re-shoot next week with these materials. The first 7 photos are sour candy melted in the same way as the purple one from previous week. The last 4 photos are gummy bears. I was going to lay the bears out just like sour candy at first, but the inside isn’t sticky at all. So, I decided to chop them finely to see how it turns out. They look interesting so far.

Side note: I forgot to check-out 100mm macro lens, which I usually use. The ratio and the size of candies might be a little different compared to last week.

And I must go to Luck’s on High St. for candies. And of course it’s going to be props. I mean, what else do you do with candies?


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