Melting Chocolate

In the previous post, I mentioned the difficulty I encountered with the dry-looking sugar. I stared at those photographs for the longest time, and I began to think that perhaps I could somehow incorporate this kind of texture to the series. As much as I want the photographs to be consistent, I had a feeling that little bit of variations wouldn’t hurt. All the materials are same, and so is the aesthetic.

So, I shot various layers of sugar with different cracks. The first is the least layer (actually achieved by removing all the layers…the sprinkle color transferred to the skin!), and the sugar layer grows towards the end. The last one probably has 6 sugar coats with less sprinkles:

To be honest, the dry looking ones (or the last one) doesn’t look very out of the series. I think the transparent parts that are partially visible help lessening the exaggerated details of the sugar. Even when the palm isn’t completely covered by sugar (such as the second to last one), the balance between the dry and wet is working pretty well. I then realized these two opposite textures create variations of depth. I like it not only because it looks visually interesting, but because you can see how many layers of sugar the hand has grown. I’m feeling pretty good about them!

I also started adding sugary food with the sugar. The first one up is one of the most common snacks ever found – literally everywhere – , chocolate chip cookies. To experiment, I shot this in two different ways; a) small crumbled pieces and b) medium sized chunks. Both chocolate did melt in well with the sugar layer to an extent. This is probably because of the color, but the melted parts started to resemble mud. Still unappetizing though.

The differences are how obvious the cookies are. Smaller pieces blend in with the sugar very well, especially since they are fairly similar size. But some parts are a little hard to identify the cookies because of its finely crumbled size. On the other hand, the medium chunks are easily recognized, but sort of gets in the way. They just seem like someone dropped it on the sugar layers instead of merging out from the sugar layer. Both are interesting, but I don’t know which one to choose.


I need to look at them a little more…and ask other people’s opinions. But alongside, next up is either candy or icing.


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