Sugar Eats Sugar

Change of plan. Instead of still life photographs of sugary objects, I am going to cover a model entirely with sugar, and have them eat sugary food. Yes, it is going to be sugared skin. I experimented coating sugar on different materials, and while doing so, it suddenly hit me that this whole situation with sugar seems to be cannibalistic. Our body is full of sugar, yet we continuously crave and consume sugar. With artificial chemicals, especially high fructose corn syrup, psychologically, hunger never ends. It rolls on and on, until when we dissect our body and when we take a close look at our meals, all you see is sugar. I came to a conclusion that in simplification, sugar eating sugar.

I am also changing the aesthetic of this project. There is no need to photograph sugar eerily or unappetizing through dramatic lighting. Dark field is one way to do, but I feel I was very stuck to this style that it actually became a roadblock. I couldn’t go further than anything else except for a simple still life, and it narrowed my perspective so much. Another way to create same atmosphere without the use of dramatic light is using super neon colors. These colors can be so disturbing to look at, yet still remain appealing to our eyes.

I found this upon tumbling through internet and talking to people, which is always helps me building stronger idea. A series of artworks which energized my clogged creativity was Beverly Fishman’s “Big Pharma” (this is on exhibition at CCAD Contemporary Art Space – totally worth checking out if you are around Columbu, OH). Her use of extreme neon colors vibrates great power, but collectively creates uncomfortable intimacy. I immediately then knew that I was trying to create an image of sugar that is disturbing and distressing. Not necessary the dark side of sugar, but definitely unpleasant and bothersome. It was also lovely to see that even though her piece is a different medium compared to what I do, colors are the common tool we use to construct an artwork.

And so here are image that I made to test appropriate color that I am going to use. I loved that many people who I showed to found it beautiful yet also disturbing.


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