Sweet Tooth

Hunger is what mainly drives us to eat. It’s a S.O.S. signal that is sent from our body to our brain. Because of hunger, we are able to refill the empty stomach with nutritional energy, and off we go to work.

How about sweet tooth? When we have it, all we want in our mouth is over exaggerated sweetened flavor. It could be anything from chocolate, candies, cakes, donuts, and sweet beverage…simply told, it just has to have lots of sugar inside. On top of that, the irrespirable temptation is such a challenge to avoid.

I have a very bad sweet tooth, and it happens almost every single week. Even when I am full, a sudden crave for sugar happens. But now that I have done my research on sugar, after eating sweets, I instantly fall into a never-ending hold of regret and self-shame.

So what made me change my perspective? Here is what I found out:

When we consume sugar, it is immediately converted into fat, and is later stored in the body as an extra energy source. Back when humans were hunters and gatherers, it was crucial to have plenty of energy to survive through the harsh environments (just think about no internet, no internet shopping, no car, no supermarkets, and no houses). In particular, hunting and thinking (or using brain) required large energy compared to other primates. To amplify energy sources, sugar was the perfect fit in this type of lifestyle. And here comes the reason why we crave sugar. At the hunters and gatherers time, sugar was found within berries and honey, but they were very rare consumption.

Over the course of history, our lifestyle has changed significantly. We no longer travel entirely by foot, carry around heavy equipment, and above all, hunt. Everything is at our disposal, easily accessed through various transportations. The need to store extra energy as fat is needless, yet our body naturally continues to do so. Now, sugars are empty calories. It provides very little use as nutrients except for solid fats. Without intense exercises to burn the stored fats, it simply accumulates in our body. Scientists and their researches say that over consumption of sugar has high probability of health troubles, such as diabetes and heart problems.

Not only is the lifestyle becoming an issue, but also is the accessibility of sugar around us. Sugar is not a rare energy source like it used to be in the hunters and gatherers age. It is available anywhere, anytime, and in any form that accommodates people’s various preferences. Even chocolates come in different shapes and levels of cacao. Finding sweets and pastries only takes few minutes of car ride to grocery stores, cafes, fast food restaurants, or even the closest convenience stores.

Things change throughout time, but certain factors do not. Sugar conversion facilitated by our body is one activity that has remained constant. Sugar availability is one aspect that altered our lifestyle incredibly. Now that I look around my surroundings closely, it really is astounding how much sugar we are enclosed by. Surprisingly, there are sugars even in tomato ketchup! I hope to express concerns about sugar, as well as my personal struggle with sugar consumption, through my photographs.


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