End of Chicago Trip

Whenever I go to trip, it always feels like it was all a dream. Especially for Chicago, the days went so fast that I almost don’t remember what I did! Time flies fast, doesn’t it? But Chicago was definitely a very different city. To me, it isn’t as loud as New York, but still thrives with vibrant energy that comes from the people and buildings. I also felt that the buildings are not as intimidating despite its rocket high height.  It wasn’t simply blocks of packed sky towers. There was a place for air. Perhaps it’s because there much more opened areas in between them? Anyhow, this kind of atmosphere (relaxed yet still sharp) was the most iconic impression I had about this city.

3 days is such as short time to go around places…especially when you’re planning to spend the entire day in an art museum. I must come back to Chicago to explore this city further! Until then, let me dive into my bed to avoid my home works throughout the rest of the semester. :’)


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