Chicago Day 1: St. Patrick’s Parade and Pizza

First day out in Chicago! As today was St. Patrick’s Day, the entire city was filled with green and…well, more green. But truly, many people’s costumes and make-ups reflected a festive spirit rising above the cold early spring air. Some were dressed in a traditional Irish costume, while others went further decorating themselves with green beard, hair, nails, face paints, and..morphsuits. I unfortunately forgot to bring green clothes (shame on me, since my favorite color is green!)…next time I get to go, I shall join the crew!

To start up the day, we went to see the dyeing of Chicago River. We went there pretty late, and so the bridges and riverside were already packed with people. So here we go, one lesson already learned: always go early for festivals. Anyhow, when the dyeing began, I was just as excited as everyone else; it marked the start of St. Patrick’s Day. As murky grey river transformed into neon green color, I could feel in the air that the festival mood rose up in an instant. It was a very exciting event to be there!

Next major tourist site we went to was the Sky Deck. With total of 103 floors, Wills building reaches up to 1,450 feet (520m). I personally like to refer its height as 283 Barack Obama tall (from Sky Deck info). Because it was Sunday and St. Patrick’s Day, it took us more than an hour to reach the Sky Deck. But I think it was totally worth it. Where else would you get to see vast panorama of Chicago city?? When I saw the view, I was speechless (no dramatization over here). I was uttered by the never ending horizon; all places that I previous lived have either ocean or mountain surrounding the city. But not this one. While Lake Eerier covers one side, the opposite side is simply a land that continues on and on. It simply amazes me that there is no stop to this wide spread city. And of course, it is a must to go inside the glass room. Ah, I want one in my room.

We finished our day with the famous Chicago deep dish pizza. Mhmmm…It was the best pizza I ever had! The crust is so much (how should I say this) firm and tasty compare to the usual thin crust. A good end to fun day.


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