End of Chicago Trip

Whenever I go to trip, it always feels like it was all a dream. Especially for Chicago, the days went so fast that I almost don’t remember what I did! Time flies fast, doesn’t it? But Chicago was definitely a very different city. To me, it isn’t as loud as New York, but still thrives with vibrant energy that comes from the people and buildings. I also felt that the buildings are not as intimidating despite its rocket high height.  It wasn’t simply blocks of packed sky towers. There was a place for air. Perhaps it’s because there much more opened areas in between them? Anyhow, this kind of atmosphere (relaxed yet still sharp) was the most iconic impression I had about this city.

3 days is such as short time to go around places…especially when you’re planning to spend the entire day in an art museum. I must come back to Chicago to explore this city further! Until then, let me dive into my bed to avoid my home works throughout the rest of the semester. :’)


Chicago Day 3: The Bean & The Art Institute of Chicago

A little cloudy today, but it was so warm that I didn’t even need my leather jacket! Woah, I hope everyday was like this from now in Columbus too. Today, we went over to see the Bean sculpture. Our plan was to go see it on the first day, but unfortunately, it was closed temporary on St. Patrick’s Day. We had to come back sometimes before we left, and today was it.

Anish Kapoor is one of the artists I look upon, and I was thrilled to encounter one of his sculptures in real life! The sculpture has a very interesting disfigured perspective on the surface, which is one of the iconic characteristics that it is best known for. But I think it is actually the inside of the bean that reflects the use of this metal material and skewed perspectives. When you stand exactly below the center, you will see multiples of yourself (I counted and there are at least 6 doppelgänger!). It’s as if you have entered a parallel world, or better yet a 5th dimension world! Such a magical world.

The rest of the day was spent in the Art Institute of Chicago – and of course, we spent till the closing time to see as much as possible. The museum had a clean and sophisticated look throughout. I loved the use of glass door and the creek of wooden floor; so much history is contained not only through the artworks, but the through the architecture itself. Their collection reaches out to voluminous genres of art, including cultural specific ones and to contemporary architecture. I need to go back their one day to see everything! Other than that, I did get lost multiple times in there. The structure is a little hard to figure out (for me at least…has anyone got lost in there before?).

That aside, reflecting back on my photography…I feel like my travel and street photography skill has degraded compared to the winter backpacker trip. Sigh. I really am not satisfied at the quality I have been producing these past three days. Perhaps I am lacking practices. I will have to figure out it soon.

Chicago Day 2: Museum Campus & Adler Planetarium

This morning I woke up with a stuffed stomach…gosh, the deep dish pizza is delicious but also addicting. I can’t stop eating them!

It was such a beautiful day to go out (though a little bit windy) and with over three months of freezing cold winter in Columbus, I enjoyed walking around the park so much. I really needed this!

With a warm sunny weather, we decided to go over to Museum Campus and Adler planetarium. I didn’t have any idea how the Museum Campus looks like prior to arrival, so it was quite a surprise to see the area used for sports (like running, biking, jogging and such). I’d imagined that it was built mostly for tourism purpose, especially because you can see the entire downtown buildings from here. But seeing many locals utilizing this space was great to see. It is a place for both the locals and the foreigners.

On top of that, the amount of educational institutions within the area, like the Museum of Science and Industry, Field Museum, and Shedd aquarium, was astonishing. I’m very sure that you will never ever get bored in here. There are so much to see and learn! Ah, I am so jealous.

Chicago Day 1: St. Patrick’s Parade and Pizza

First day out in Chicago! As today was St. Patrick’s Day, the entire city was filled with green and…well, more green. But truly, many people’s costumes and make-ups reflected a festive spirit rising above the cold early spring air. Some were dressed in a traditional Irish costume, while others went further decorating themselves with green beard, hair, nails, face paints, and..morphsuits. I unfortunately forgot to bring green clothes (shame on me, since my favorite color is green!)…next time I get to go, I shall join the crew!

To start up the day, we went to see the dyeing of Chicago River. We went there pretty late, and so the bridges and riverside were already packed with people. So here we go, one lesson already learned: always go early for festivals. Anyhow, when the dyeing began, I was just as excited as everyone else; it marked the start of St. Patrick’s Day. As murky grey river transformed into neon green color, I could feel in the air that the festival mood rose up in an instant. It was a very exciting event to be there!

Next major tourist site we went to was the Sky Deck. With total of 103 floors, Wills building reaches up to 1,450 feet (520m). I personally like to refer its height as 283 Barack Obama tall (from Sky Deck info). Because it was Sunday and St. Patrick’s Day, it took us more than an hour to reach the Sky Deck. But I think it was totally worth it. Where else would you get to see vast panorama of Chicago city?? When I saw the view, I was speechless (no dramatization over here). I was uttered by the never ending horizon; all places that I previous lived have either ocean or mountain surrounding the city. But not this one. While Lake Eerier covers one side, the opposite side is simply a land that continues on and on. It simply amazes me that there is no stop to this wide spread city. And of course, it is a must to go inside the glass room. Ah, I want one in my room.

We finished our day with the famous Chicago deep dish pizza. Mhmmm…It was the best pizza I ever had! The crust is so much (how should I say this) firm and tasty compare to the usual thin crust. A good end to fun day.

New Trip

It has been a long long long time since my last post in the winter. To wrap up that trip, I want to say that my mind was refreshed and refilled with energy from the warm sun and blue azure sky in Los Angeles. Ah, how I miss warm places in the cold dooming winter.

Currently, my school is on a week spring break, and this time, my friends and I are on a very short trip in…Chicago! This is the first time I’m visiting here, and along some of my research, I’ve heard many rumors about this city – it’s windy, it’s rainy, it’s big art city, it’s famous for mafia – but I’m just as excited to see it with my own eyes!

Tomorrow marks the official first day of Chicago trip. Luckily, it is also St. Patrick’s Day! I can’t wait for it!